Team Buffs Endurance Racing

Welcome to CU Boulder Racing Team’s endurance racing division, ERT runs bespoke cars in endurance races such as 24 Hours of Lemons and Chump Car. Currently, the endurance division has four early model Mazda Miata MX-5s. Two prepared as race legal vehicles, one as a driver training car, and one as a parts donor car.

The Endurance Racing Team (ERT) designs and constructs race cars to compete in endurance road racing events such as 24 Hours of Lemons and Chump Car. This team is open to all levels and majors of students at the University of Colorado Boulder and provides members with hands-on automotive engineering experience as well as education about high-performance driving.

Members collaborate to make vehicles race-ready and up to the rules and regulations of the races in which the ERT enters. All students are encouraged to join and attend work meetings that take place every week throughout the semester. These work meetings provide a safe environment for students with any level of experience to be mentored by others who may be more knowledgeable in an aspect of the vehicle and also encourages sharing and implementing of ideas in order to drive success. Additionally, members are welcomed to create and take on projects on the vehicles in order improve them in some constructive manner.

This year, the ERT is preparing two vehicles for racing in the 24-hours of Lemons race. The work meetings for these vehicles consist of making the vehicles reliable and outfitting them with the safety equipment that is required to meet the regulations of the race.

720 - The Red Miata

Car 720 was the ERT's first Miata, it currently has the stock 1.6L engine out of a NA 1991 Mazda Miata. It has a custom designed role cage and seat brackets to be able to acommodate drivers over 6' tall. Originally red from the factory, car 720 is now the Rivazza Racing & Ennis Plumbing sponsored car.

1990 Mazda Miata MX-5 - 1.6L DOHC i4

303 - The Green Miata

Despite appearing as a single Miata, Car 303 is the combination of three seperate Miatas. The only thing still NB about this NB spec Miata is the body. 303 currently has a 1.8L engine out of a 1997 NA Miata (which we thought had the same wiring harness - It does not...). Currently white awaiting sponsors.

1999 Mazda Miata MX-5 - 1.8L DOHC i4

We used to run a Chevy Cavalier, so why do we run Miata MX-5s now? Well, they are easy to work on and are inexpensive. Due to the quantity of them available, finding replacement parts when we inevitably destroy them is fairly easy, especially here in Colorado. Keep an eye out for our CU Boulder Racing Team car hauler and sometimes even our Miatas around Boulder!