Endurance Racing.

CUBRT Endurance Racing

The CU Boulder Racing Team’s Endurance Division designs, builds, and competes in endurance road racing championships including the ChampCar Endurance Series and the 24 Hours of Lemons, with hopes of competing in the World Racing League and LuckyDog Racing Series in the near future.

The team is open to all levels and majors of students at the University of Colorado Boulder and provides its members with hands-on automotive experiences and problem solving skills, in addition to high-performance driving training.

Members collaborate to make the team’s vehicles race-ready and in compliance with the various rules and regulations of each series the team competes with. All members are encouraged to join and attend work weekly work meetings throughout the year. These work meetings provide a safe environment for students with any level of experience to be mentored and helped by others who may be more knowledgeable in an aspect of the vehicle and also encourages sharing and implementing of ideas in order to drive success. Additionally, members are welcomed to propose and take on projects on the vehicles in order to improve them.

720 – Team Gold

The team’s first Miata, it currently has the stock 1.6L engine – its third since its debut for the team in 2017. With a custom designed and built floor pan, roll cage, and seat brackets, this car can acommodate drivers up to 6’4″ tall. The car also features a lightbar and underglow, prepping it for night racing.

719 – Team Black

New to the CU Boulder Racing Team Endurance Lineup! A 2001 NB Miata powered by a 2.4L GM Ecotec motor out of a Chevy HHR. Built in 2021, this car will provide our members with the experience needed to compete at the top of the field for years to come.